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Borders Do Matter

These two stories  cite an unfortunate truth about the uncompetitiveness of Connecticut’s retailers against their counterparts in neighboring states – and the inevitable result. People with the choice will not shop in Connecticut when they have the option of simply … Continue reading

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Why Food and Energy Prices Are Rising – The “Fed” Tax – From November 9, 2010

The Fed Tax  The Tax Congress Never Passed and the President Never Signed – And That Continues to Rise The prices of wheat, corn and soybeans have increased in price more than 90% over the past year. Every American who … Continue reading

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The Price of Gasoline

CONNECTICUT GAS TAX HIKE COSTS DRIVERS AN ADDITIONAL $205,000 PER DAY The average retail price of regular gasoline hit $4.00 per gallon in Connecticut today. Connecticut joins several other states [Alaska, California, D.C., Hawaii and Illinois] in the nation to have … Continue reading

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Earth Day 2011

ICPA wrote and succeeded in getting passed into law the first Fuel Oil Conservation Fund in America in 2009. With an initial funding of $15,000,000, the objective of the Fund was to upgrade old, inefficient heating systems among the poorest … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to ICPA’s Blog. Our association represents hundreds of local energy marketers in Connecticut who employ more than 13,000 of our state’s citizens. ICPA is a leader in energy innovation and energy conservation work in our state and in Washington, … Continue reading

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