Borders Do Matter

These two stories  cite an unfortunate truth about the uncompetitiveness of Connecticut’s retailers against their counterparts in neighboring states – and the inevitable result. People with the choice will not shop in Connecticut when they have the option of simply crossing the border for lower prices.
Here are the facts:
  • Connecticut’s state gasoline taxes now equal about 50c per gallon – while in Massachusetts the state taxes equal 23.5c a gallon, 26.5c a gallon cheaper.  In Rhode Island, the state taxes equal 33c a gallon – 17c a gallon cheaper.  Drivers will shop around town for 2c or 3c less expensive gas so it means along our orders with Massachusetts and Rhode Island we see Connecticut retailers losing a tremendous amount of business and if they bypass a Connecticut retailer for gasoline sales that means Connecticut misses out on sales tax and cigarette tax revenue as well to those neighboring states.
Connecticut State Gas Taxes – 50c
Massachusetts State Gas Taxes – 23.5c
Rhode Island State Gas Taxes – 33c
  • Compare taxes and prices in the Northeast >  Connecticut has the highest gasoline taxes in the region right now – BEFORE Hartford adds another 3c a gallon in the new budget deal.

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