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Let’s Do The Math on Electric Heat

When asked what we pay for electricity, most just say…about $ x per month. The approximate dollar amount per month is what we know. Figuring out what we are actually paying for and understanding it is a maze in our … Continue reading

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Since EIA Is Never Right, Let’s Focus on What We Can Really Do About Winter Heating Costs

Every fall, without exception, the media and government and ICPA turns its attention to useful advice for consumers to be prepared for the coming winter. So far, so good. Being prepared for winter makes sense.  Unfortunately, where government enters the … Continue reading

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Why Home Energy Audits Work

Look at the back of your electric bill Connecticut, and you’ll see a number of fees every ratepayer pays in addition to the cost of the electricity we pay for every month. One of those fees goes to the “Comb … Continue reading

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Our Nation Needs Expanded Energy Production

America has a $14 trillion economy and to run that economy takes a great deal of energy from many resources. Oil, coal, nuclear, natural gas and renewables all play key roles in making sure that, whether at home or on … Continue reading

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President Announces SPR Crude Oil Release

This morning the President announced that the US would release 30 million barrels from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve. At the same time, The International Energy Agency announced that it would release 30 million additional barrels of oil from global … Continue reading

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What The Hell Are They Thinking?

On May 24th the Commodities Futures Trading Commission [CFTC] issued a statement announcing its intention to file suit against three companies it alleges manipulated the crude oil markets in 2008, yielding $50 million in illegal profits for the named defendants. … Continue reading

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Borders Do Matter

These two stories  cite an unfortunate truth about the uncompetitiveness of Connecticut’s retailers against their counterparts in neighboring states – and the inevitable result. People with the choice will not shop in Connecticut when they have the option of simply … Continue reading

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